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Magnetic Energy As A New Alternative Energy Source

Posted by Busines Internet Friday, May 14, 2010

There are several alternative energy sources available that are both green and renewable. One energy source that is getting a lot of well-deserved attention is magnetic energy. There are a few reasons why this particular alternate energy source is such a good one for many homes. By learning more about it, you will be able to tell whether it is the right choice for your home.

One of the things that make magnetic generators such a great choice is the low cost involved in purchasing the necessary equipment as well as in building the units. Unlike other alternative energy sources such as solar panels, the items that you need to build a basic magnetic generator can be got for approximately $100. Obviously, a larger unit may be more expensive but it can be a fantastic starting point for people who are just beginning to look into alternate energy sources.

For those people who want to know a little more about magnetic energy as a new alternative energy source, the principles used to generate the power are actually quite interesting. Generators use rotating magnets to create power which is sent to circuits and, from there, to the areas of your home that require that energy.

How Magnets Generate Energy
Have you ever played with magnets? They are really quite unique. Magnets can be both attracted to and repulsed by each other depending on the polarity of the magnet itself. Two like polarities will repel each other whereas two opposite polarities will attract each other. When magnets are arranged precisely in the interior of a generator, this repulsion-attraction can cause them to rotate.

As they rotate, energy is created from the motion. When the magnets are wrapped in wire, they can send the energy through the wires to a circuit and from there to appliances, light switches or other energy users in your home.

Styles And Sizes Of Generator Will Depend On Your Needs And Budget
Different homes will have different energy requirements. The amount of power needed to run various appliances will vary. Your energy needs can even be affected by the lighting you use in your home as well. There are types of bulbs which use less power than others and this can, surprisingly, affect the overall amount of power you use in your home.

You should do some research before simply jumping for the first magnetic generator you see. You should perform an energy audit in your home so that you can tell what your needs will be. This can ensure that you will not be left short when you require power.

If you love the idea of making items you may be more interested in getting blueprints rather than a finished generator. There are also numerous models available for you to choose from and you should be able to find the materials at most hardware stores or from online sources as well.

Taking the time to learn about alternate energy sources can mean more benefits than simply reducing your power bill. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that you have a steady, independent source of power that you can depend on without harming the planet in the process.


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