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The New Wave Cellular Accessories

Posted by Busines Internet Wednesday, August 4, 2010

IPhones continue to get better and the applications that can be downloaded onto them are also becoming stronger and stronger. These are not cellular accessories in the form of Samsun accessories as you might think. Of course, there is a slew of junk out there that wastes space more than anything else, but there are quality applications with practical features, albeit sometimes for a very closed niche. Either way its hard to find ones that fit your lifestyle.

Sifting through all the trash is overwhelming much of the time. So to get acquainted with a few while avoiding being bombarded with apps, this list has made a few good ones to check out. Theres not a particular or and there is not any ranking. There just well received, proven iPhone, cellular accessories.

Redlaser - This application allows users to scan bar codes of items to do price comparison shopping. The scanner isn't the best but the idea is there and at this point it is functional.
Bento - With this simple feature you are able to create databases to store information about all aspects of your life. Of course it doesn't have to be about your life it can be anything you want.

TweetDeck - This application will let you do all things twitter and the best part is it is designed just like the twitter page. You have the ultimate twitter to right at your fingertips.
Print and Share - With this you can print just about anything you like including articles, emails and pictures from your phone right to your home or office printer. It is very user friendly and very helpful.

Hey Where Are You - A beautifully simple application that uses push notification to ask and answer the question of Hey where are you? Very easy to use.
Textfree Unlimited - If your SMS costs and plans are getting outrageous this is the best alternative. It uses push notification and is relatively easy to work.

Mover - With this you can swap contact and photos with other iPhone users. Its free and quick to download but both users must have for it to work.
These are just some of the great new applications that came out this year. While they aren't cellular accessories in the true sense of the word, they are becoming the new wave of such a thing. Just think, Samsung accessories could start making these applications for any and all phones. Anyway, these are just some that came out this year.

So as you can see we are only scratching the surface but it is clear that these some very practical features. While some may fill a void for only a select few people, they are nonetheless practical. The best part is many are free, easy to use and take up very little space.


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