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Things You Should Know About Electronics

Posted by Busines Internet Saturday, August 14, 2010

Electronics, as the name suggests is a subpart of science and technology. A controlled motion of electrons is maintained using different mediums. Electrons are referred as the subatomic particle which carries a negative charge and revolves around the nucleus in well defined orbits of an atom. Electronics differs from electricity which deals in the distribution and generation of electrical power.

The electron control function is exhibited by using semiconductor devices. These devices are basically the electronic components which influence the properties of the electrons. The knowledge of these semiconductor devices comes under Physics and the study of Electronics is considered in Electronics Engineering. Other electronic components include the capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors etc. which affects the electrons and their associated fields. These components are connected together to form a closed loop called a circuit. The circuits could be single or integrated in nature. This circuit builds the path for the electric current to flow.

The circuits and components are usually divided into Analog and Digital Circuits. The difference between both these circuits lies in the continuous range of voltage as opposed to discrete levels of voltage in digital circuits. Examples of analog circuits include Vacuum Tubes, Transistor Amplifiers, Operational Amplifies and Oscillators. Examples of digital circuits are Computers, Electronic Cocks, Programmable Logic Controllers and Digital Signal Processors.

Thermal Management is very necessary in Electronics. The heat generated in the circuits should be controlled in order to ensure the durability and reliability of the device. It is an important phenomenon which needs to be taken care of. There are many cooling techniques used which includes the use of Heat Sinks, Fans and Water Cooling. The concepts of convection, conduction and radiation of heat energy are utilized by these coolant devices.

Another aspect of is the electronic noise. Noise is defined to be an unwanted disturbance which interrupts the normal functioning of a device. These noises could be created electromagnetically or thermally. The noises can be controlled by reducing the operating temperature of the circuit. There are also few noises which cannot be removed and eliminated due to the lack of physical properties. Such noises include the Shot Noise.

The study of circuits is very crucial in Electronics. It involves a lot of calculations like solving linear systems, finding the voltage at a particular node or current through a branch network. Electromagnetic Field theory is also an important area of study in Electronics.

Electronics Engineering involves designing of circuits using building blocks like power supplies, semiconductors and integrated circuits. Great emphasis is also given on Electronic Design Automation software programs. Many companies contribute in building this software for example Oracle. The electronic systems are designed and produced using the EDA tools. It is also called CAD that is computer aided design.

Electronics is a very demanding and successful branch of study. The knowledge in this area manifests the career of many individuals as it covers broad aspects of information. New trends are acknowledged and updated which mainly involve the implementation of technology.


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